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Multi-Domain SSL

What is Positive Multi-Domain SSL?

The Positive Multi-Domain SSL Certificate is a type of SSL that secures up to 210 domains with a single certificate. You can mix all your different second-level domains (for example, domain.com, www.domain.com, sub.domain.com, domain.net, and otherdomain.com) and even secure domains on other servers!

HostGator is pleased to offer Sectigo's Positive Multi-Domain SSL certificate.

HostGator offers SSL certificates from Sectigo, providing a range of options to secure and protect your sites.

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Features of the Sectigo Positive Multi-Domain SSL

  • Sectigo's Positive Multi-Domain SSL certificate protects your sites with 2048 bit signatures and up to 256-bit encryption. This certificate includes coverage for up to three domains and free installation for only $79.99 per year.
    Registration for up to 3 domains:1 Year 
    Note: Each additional domain raises the annual price shown above by $25. (Keep in mind that, for instance, domain.com and www.domain.com are treated as two separate domains.)
  • Cost-effective: You can secure multiple domains with just one certificate. There is no need to buy separate SSLs for each of your websites. It is also important to note that this includes second-level domains like www.example.com and sub.example.com. There are also less installation costs on your other domains.
  • Ease of management: Since this type of SSL can support multiple domains, it's easier to manage the certificate in just one place.

How to Order a Positive Multi-Domain SSL?

To order, please contact us via phone or Live Chat with a list of the domains you wish to purchase it for and your desired term length.

Adding Domains Mid-Year

If you decide to add extra domains mid-year, the price is $25 per new domain added.

NOTE: Though adding additional domains will require that your certificate be reinstalled with the new domains, it does not renew your certificate; the original expiration date remains the same and will apply to all domains.

For example, if you have a Multi-Domain SSL with three domains already, and you want to add coverage for a fourth domain mid-year, the fee would be $25 for the new domain. (We do not charge you for the domains you already paid for - only additional domains.)

However, if you have a Multi-Domain SSL with only two domains used and have not used your third domain yet, there is no charge to add the third domain since that is included in the original fee.

Please contact us via phone or Live Chat to have additional domains added to an existing Multi-Domain SSL.

Multi-Domain Installation Questions

What HostGator Packages Can Support Multi-Domain SSLs?

Multi-domain SSLs are allowed on all of HostGator's plans.

Can You Install Multi-Domain SSLs on Multiple Accounts?

Yes, a Positive Multi-domain SSL certificate can be installed on multiple accounts. This allows you to host different domains on different cPanels, accounts, or even servers using the same multi-domain SSL Certificate. The SSL certificate will work for all domains listed in the certificate, regardless of each domain.

Please contact us via phone or Live Chat if you have more questions or need further assistance.
How Can You Check a Website's SSL Information?

To check the SSL certificate details on your website and other websites, please refer to this article: How to Check the SSL Information of Websites?

How Do Multi-Domain SSL Certificates Compare to Wildcard SSLs?

The Multi-Domain SSL certificate covers multiple domains and subdomains, while the Wildcard SSL covers a single domain name and its (multiple) subdomains. Another difference between the two is that the Multi-Domain SSL has limitations on the number of domains covered by the certificate as defined by its Certificate Authority. In contrast, the Wildcard SSL has no limits in the number of subdomains that can be covered.