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What type of SSL / Secure Certificate do I need?


There are several types of SSL Certificates (also known as Secure Certificates) that you can choose from within your Customer Portal. This article provides a brief description of the various SSL types and links to their specific support articles:

If you already know what you require, skip to Part 4: How to purchase an SSL Certificate.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL

Let's Encrypt SSL is included at no extra charge when you purchase a hosting plan with HostGator. As https becomes more relevant to search engine results, web browser behavior, and overall web security, we want to keep your websites protected. That's why we offer this SSL free of charge. If you want additional features, you may purchase an upgraded SSL for your account anytime.

For more information, visit the article How to Get and Enable Your Free SSL Certificate.

Domain Validated SSL Certificate

When the general public visits the secure section of your site, for example, making a payment by credit card, you'll want to utilize an SSL certificate such as this one. It is installed on your domain name, letting customers know they are on the correct website.

SSL Certificates are appropriate for e-commerce websites and for any situation where you desire secure communication between your website and its visitors.

Positive SSL certificates are free with our Business or Enterprise Packages and available for purchase with any of our other web hosting packages. We provide Positive SSL and Sectigo SSL, which are domain-validated certificates.

For more information, visit the article Domain Validated SSL Certificates for Single Domains.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Multi-domain certificates make it possible to secure up to 210 domains with a single certificate. You can mix all your different second-level domains (for example, snappygator.com, www.snappygator.com, snappygator.net, and snappygator2.com).

For more information, visit the article Multi-Domain SSL.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Wildcard SSL Certificate enables SSL encryption on unlimited subdomains using a single certificate. The subdomains must have the same second-level domain name.

For more information, visit the article Wildcard SSL.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

EV certificates provide secure connections, verify the business' identity, and help prevent fraud through a thorough set of checks and validations.

This certificate is designed to provide a higher standard of assurance for visitors to authenticate the business behind the domain. The green HTTPS address bar is exclusive to EV SSL certificates and reassures website visitors that they are interacting with a verified business on a secured domain.

For more information, visit the article EV SSL Certificates.

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